Who was Sally Stanford?

More than two dozen names, you say?

Well, that's a conservative estimate, for a woman who wasn't all that conservative.

To name a few, there were: Mabel Janice Busby, Mabel Goodan, Mrs. Dan Goodan, Mrs. Ernest Spagnoli, Marsha Owen, Marcia Owen, Mrs. Louis Rapp, Marsha Gump, Mrs. Robert Livingston Gump, Mrs. Robert Kenna, Marcia Evans, Claire Gold, Claire Bennett. Some were married names, some arrest names, some were variant spellings, and some were just names.

In the 1950s when she was fighting for the Valhalla liquor license, the prosecutor named some 27 names and then asked if "we have covered all the names that you have used?"

Her response... "I wouldn't know that unless you asked me some other names I may have used....I don't remember them all."